Thursday, March 5, 2009

Useful Links #2

Another interruption of the Starting Off series before I start to wrap it up, and again, another Useful Links post. Here are some more links that I find very useful, and am sure you will, too.

First, I have Steven Frischling's (aka Fish) Flying with Fish blog. This blog is great for the photographer who's going to travel with her gear, even occasionally. This blog is great for non-photographers who travel frequently. Heck, this blog is great, period. This blog is on my RSS feed, so I catch every update. He's great at pointing out new space-saving or weight-saving gear, and has lots of insight on how you pack and carry your photography gear when traveling. Before I fly anywhere, I make sure I go back and read a few of his posts to familiarize myself with some great hints on how to survive airports.

Next, I'd like to present my favorite photography-based forum,, affectionately known as "FM" to its posters. It's very-much leaning more toward the professionals, semi-professionals, and advanced amateurs than "Suzy Soccermom" or "Steve Swimmingdad" who just got a dSLR and wants to know what gear to buy. Sure, there are the gear forums, but the specialty forums (such as Sports, Weddings, and People) are the best. And if you want to be blown away by some photos, take a look at the competitions. They have weekly and monthly competitions. And then there's the Review section and the Buy and Sell forums, which are also top-notch. If you read only one forum, I highly recommend

Lastly, we all need some humor in our lives, and What the Duck is the photographer's outlet. It's a great web-comic, and his t-shirts are pretty darn funny, too. You definitely need to check this out.

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