Saturday, March 7, 2009

Get a free bag from Think Tank Photo!

Think Tank Photo is one of the top manufacturer's of photography carrying equipment, meaning bags, roller bags, belt and carry systems, backpacks, you name it. And now, Think Tank Photo is giving away a free bag with any purchase over $50. How, you ask? Easy, click right on the icon below:

and then shop on their site. Your choices for the free bag include a Lens Changer 50, Lens Drop In, All The Other Stuff, or Bum Bag, all of which work with or without their belt system.

Personally, I own their Airport International v2.0, and absolutely love it, along with their Artificial Intelligence 15 notebook PC case that fits inside the International. I also own several of their "can't live without" Pixel Pocket Rockets to hold my CF cards and their Lightning Fast case. The build quality of these bags and cases are fabulous.

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