Sunday, June 21, 2009

A word on snobbery

It seems that the more I read forums, the more snobbery I see out there. There are many kinds of snobbery, from brand snobbery (Canon vs. Nikon, Elinchrome vs. Alien Bees), lighting snobbery (ambient vs. strobed), post-processing snobbery (heavy vs. light vs. none), or other assorted snobbery.

My advise: Be professional. Even if you feel snobby, don't show it. And we all "look down our noses" at someone or something from time to time--it's human nature--but let's keep it to ourselves. Never should we show our disdain for others in a public forum. It is not only rude (and very bad behavior), but can you imagine if a potential customer found your posting? Do you think it would help your cause to book the job?

I doubt it.

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