Saturday, February 21, 2009


Welcome to Photography Start-Up!

About the Blog.

This blog is about you, and how to start up your own photography company. One point I want to stress right now, in the beginning, is that this blog will point out how to do things the right way, not necessarily the easy way. Sometimes, the right way will
be the easy way, but more often than not, it won't. I will point out valuable resources, review books and DVDs dedicated to photography and the photography business, and be a sounding board for you, the reader, to post questions. I will comment about better ways to produce your product, using my own experience as background as well as leading industry members' own words.

This blog will not be about what gear to buy, but may review new products or mention specific items when discussing photography and/or the photography business. You will see links to great sources for things like batteries, bags, and other generic items, but you won't see a detailed review of the most recent Canon or Nikon camera or lens.

About the Author.

I have had my own photography business (a Chicago-area Youth Sports Photography company) now for over two years. In these past two years, I've learned quite a bit, more often than not the hard way. I've done shoots that I shouldn't have done, and passed up shoots that I should have pursued. I've also been a contract photographer for larger companies, and have learned that there are more than a few ways to get things done, but very few ways to get things done correctly and most importantly, profitably.

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